My name is David W. Kent and I’m running for the Democratic nomination for The U.S. House of Representatives, Tennessee District 6.

My father was born and raised in Hartsville, TN. and my mother is from Rockford, IL. During WWII he was transferred from Tullahoma, TN to Rockford, IL. It was there he married my mother and raised myself and my 6 brothers and sisters. My father passed away and is buried in the Veterans Cemetery in Madison, TN. My mother currently lives with my sister’s family in Hermitage, TN.

While living a number of years in Gallatin, I decided to go to Volunteer State Community College. After many years of working full-time and going to school part-time, I graduated with a degree in Economics.

I am married to Pamela Summers Kent from Overton County. We currently live in Cottontown which is in between Gallatin and Portland. I am a confirmed Lutheran and I have two wonderful children and four grandchildren.

When I went through high school, most of the boys were taught trades and girls were taught home economics. Upon graduation, we had training and a place in society. I became a machinist in the machine tool industry. With only a high school degree, I progressed from machinist to quality assurance manager and from there I excelled to become a manufacturing manager. Working in a large manufacturing facility was a respectable way of life back then. A high school graduate was able to support a family on a single income. It wasn’t easy back then but it was doable.


Why I want to run.

I am a lifelong Democrat and have an overwhelming amount of interest in Tennessee and National Politics. After closely monitoring the 2016 Presidential Election, I have realized that this year’s political environment has obviously turned into a spectacle. I stood up and said, enough is enough! I strongly believe that our Government is the best Government in the world. However, those elected politicians are not operating our Government as a Democracy, but as a profit generating instrument for their own personal gains.

Personally, I have felt for a long time, that the Government wasn’t about me anymore. It seems that it is all about millionaires and billionaires, companies and corporations, and multinational corporations who show no allegiance to America. I have felt neglected and alone. This has to stop.

I will represent Tennessee’s District 6 as a member of the working class and not a member of the elite establishment. My priority is to treat the working and middle class as citizens and not customers. It is time to tell corporate America and multinational corporations that they don’t have a vote in a democracy of people, and that we will all share fairly in this great and expanding economy.

I want to improve your quality of life by reducing levels of economic stress that average families have to endure and bring stability and hope to the citizens of our district by restoring the American Dream. This is about you!


How will we accomplish this?

Previous election cycles have focused on social issues that divide the American people. This prevents us from addressing nearly all other serious issues and it gridlocks our government. We all know what these social issues are and we all must accept the fact that they will not be resolved overnight or in this decade.

We must come to an agreement that if we focus on economic policies and improve the quality of life of the working and middle class people, we will help diffuse these social stresses to more tolerable levels.

After analyzing an exhaustive list of important economic issues, there are six (6) policies that if implemented I feel will dramatically improve your quality of life and reduce you and your family’s social stress levels and elevate your economic status. Please click on my six proposals on my home page for more detailed information.