Peace and Prosperity to All


Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members,  Libertarians, and Independents

It is time to set aside our differences and focus on the needs of the working and middle class. We must unite and demand a better life for our families and a stronger robust economy for our nation. Let’s focus on issues that will improve the quality of life for all.

· Medicare for all

· Raise minimum wage

· Free public college & university

· Repair America’s bridges

· Repeal all trade agreements

·  Save Social Security & increase monthly benefits


I know some social issues have been gut wrenching, uncompromising, deal killers, and to some, “life and death” issues. I am not asking you to change your beliefs. I am asking you to let the eighty percent (80%) of the issues we do agree upon rise to the top and get resolved.

I feel strongly that if we all work to improve the lives of the working and middle class, we will become calm and more relaxed and will be more apt to make better decisions. When it comes to those gut wrenching social choices, we may experience fewer instances of them, and have more options that will aid us to make decisions that are smart and not be overwhelmed with stress and panic.

Yes, we can do this! See the good in your neighbor and stop looking for the bad. Reach out to strangers as I am to you. It is only our lack of involvement that prevents us from getting back the American Dream. We may have corruption in our politics and we may have a rigged economy. However, it only exists because we fail to stomp it out. Our social network is unraveling because we feed it with hatred and intolerance.

Please support me and grow our movement from hundreds, to tens of thousands because this is what it will take to win the general Congressional Election and push for the legislation I talked about above. We will not ask what party you are from or why you are here. Our only goal is to improve the quality of life for the working and middle class. It is you that we want to help and I am asking you to help us.

Now for the part that I hate to have to ask. I wish I could do this alone but I can’t. So, with mounting expenses, please contribute to our campaign so that we can make things work in Washington D.C. Thank you so very much. Please share and follow this post.

One thought on “Peace and Prosperity to All

  1. NYT article today on Congress Repubs selling off Federal land listed Diane Black as a member of the “Federal land Action Group”, designed to write laws to make selling our land to the highest ( best connected?) bidder.
    Wouldn’t this resonate with the hunters and outdoor people of the 6th? And anyone who has kids? i can see a commercial starting with “America The Beautiful”, showing forests morphing into industrial parks, and Diane’s face fading up over it all, etc.
    last line” Do you want Diane to sell your children’s inheritance?”
    Works as a flyer too!
    Crush her, Dave!


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