Policy 5 of 6: Repeal Dangerous Trade Agreements

Before I start talking about trade, we must clearly understand that there will always be a cheaper and less restrictive place to manufacture products other than the United States. If we agree to that, and we have an understanding that a company’s and or a corporation’s ultimate goal is to reduce costs and maximize profitability, then we can predict the future. The United States of America will become a consuming nation with little to no production capabilities.

Consuming nations export wealth (cash) in exchange for products. As we are approaching a $20,000,000,000.00 (twenty trillion dollar) national debt, do you think it is wise for the United States to continue importing products made abroad?

Few trade agreements if any are designed to make our nation superior in world production or beneficial to the working and middle class quality of life. It is my opinion that all current trade agreements were designed by companies and multi-national corporations to maximize their profitability. Sound familiar?

Encouraged through our current trade agreements, corporations have exported our most valuable resource, our knowledge base and 200 years of developed technologies. It is my understanding, that the export of our knowledge and technologies to adversarial and communist countries would have been preventable by law and considered treasonous. However, corporate lobbyists and CEO’s are deeply connected to politicians, resulting in the deregulation of past trade laws that would have retained our nation’s history of being a wealthy world class producer of everything.

Please help me repeal trade laws and agreements that are endangering our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I am not kidding, just look at our escalating conflict with China.

2 thoughts on “Policy 5 of 6: Repeal Dangerous Trade Agreements

    1. I am against the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP). I am against nearly all trade agreements of the past. I am for a NATO type of a treaty with Asian countries to counter balance China’s aggression. I feel conflict with China is at our doorstep. We need our manufacturing infrastructure to be here in The United States of America and not with our potential enemy. China is nothing without our manufacturing plants and American technology. China is cash rich and we are an indebted nation simply because our corporations relocated to China.


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