Policy 2 of 6: Raise Minimum Wage

The national poverty level for an individual in 2015 was $11,770 per year. The level for a married couple was $15,930 and a family of 4 was $24,250. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour or an annual income of $15,080 based on a 40-hour work week.

Surprisingly to me I have discovered that Tennessee does not have a minimum wage law. I stated many times that I want the Government to work for me. I also stated that I want to be treated as a citizen and not a customer. It is time to focus on the working class and not the millionaires and billionaires!

At the current minimum wage, I don’t feel that a person can have self-respect making $7.25 an hour, and it would be difficult to own a dependable car, pay rent, and raise a family. It’s demoralizing and it encourages people to seek alternative ways of survival. It is clearly apparent that the $7.25 minimum wage was set by corporate and company influences. Tennesseans deserve nothing less than a living wage.

I encourage you to stand with me to raise the national minimum wage. I am going to stick my neck out and say that we should target $15.00 per hour.

I will propose to raise the national minimum wage gradually in order to lessen the impact on employers yet improve the quality of life of employees through enhanced income.

2 thoughts on “Policy 2 of 6: Raise Minimum Wage

  1. I believe before we can ask small business to raise wages, we have to look at over regulations and the tax code on the books it might look as though they make a great amount but a lot of them are trying to grow their business and by equipment that is needed but can not efford,I am not speaking of corporations and big business. And yes I agree we need a living wage, but we need to get big brother out of the way. We need to renagoiate our trade polices with other contries.


    1. It is my opinion that a great nation is measured by how it treats it’s masses not how it treats it’s few wealthy and privileged. Today, sixty percent (60%) of all new wealth goes to the top one percent (1%) and the bottom nighty nine percent (99%) shares the remaining forty percent (40%). Raising the minimum wage nationally does not effect the competitiveness of any business because all are equally affective. Yes, they may have to trim their profits and yes they may have to slightly raise their prices. However, the business you speak of have a customer base of mostly composed of the working and middleclass. Thus, it can be said, if you put more money in the hands of the working and middleclass they will be more likely to afford the products and services of the very same small businesses you are concerned with. Thus, it is profitable for the businesses and a great benefit for the working class.


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