Policy 3 of 6: Public College and Universities Tuition Free

What does it mean when we hear that the United States has to be globally competitive? When I hear that, the first thought that comes to my mind is that we need to be economically competitive. The second thought that comes to my mind is why are we asking ourselves this question and why are we doubting our competitiveness in anything?

Our goal shouldn’t be being competitive; it should be being superior and dominating economic activity and world production. We should also be superior and without a doubt unmatched in military force. To obtain these levels of superiority our entire population must have access to public schools, colleges, and universities of higher education. And when I say access, I mean fully supported K-12 and tuition free colleges and universities.

This will reap unlimited benefits to not only Tennesseans but our entire Nation. A direct benefit to you regardless of your age and income status, is that you will have access to advanced education to further your career and raise your earning potential. By maintaining the public school system K through infinity our nation will obtain ultimate superiority in all global activities.


2 thoughts on “Policy 3 of 6: Public College and Universities Tuition Free

    1. I believe the federal government has a role to play and I believe the states should run or operate the school system along with local governments. Do I believe we need to abolish the Department of Education? No. Do I support the privatization and commercialization of schools? No. Remember this, our Post Office was the envy of the world. When deregulation and privatization of the Postal Office occurred what happened? They took away the most profitable part of the postal service (Packages) and privatized it and left the most costly part, letters. Because of this the U.S. Post Office is underfunded. The schools are the same way. At some point in time the schools will be so underfunded they will close and all of you will have to pay ten to twenty thousand dollars ($10,000.00- $20,000.00) for each child’s education. I am for fully funding public education and I am against our children having to walk up to homes of strangers asking for donations and selling cheap products. I came from a poor family. I would not of had an education if it wasn’t for public education. This country has instilled into our population to be greedy and stingy resulting in expecting everything and paying for nothing. This has to stop.


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