Policy 1 of 6: Medicare at Birth and for All

Our nation has a near zero population growth rate. One reason for this is the cost and expense associated with having children. The minute a child is born a Medicare account should be activated and will follow you the rest of your life. This will take the burden of unforeseen medical expenses away. Also, people will be more apt to use preventative services and reduce the costs of treating chronic illnesses later in life. Indirect benefits of medical coverage include healthier children in school and a healthier workforce.

Veterans will be able to get standard healthcare coverage where they choose. Only services specialized to treat battlefield related injuries may be recommended to Veteran’s Hospitals.

A direct benefit for employees is that employers will not be privileged to your or your family’s medical history. A huge benefit for employees over 50 is when you apply for a job, you are now considered a valuable asset based on your work history and not a potential liability to the employer’s health care insurance program.

The direct benefit for employers would be a stable low cost Medicare expense based only on the number of employees and not the wellness or age of employees.

2 thoughts on “Policy 1 of 6: Medicare at Birth and for All

  1. I do not agree, we had great health care under private, insurence. We have to be prosperous as a nation first then all these things will follow, I have seen first had what government does with health care I want no part of it.


    1. Joyce, we are the most prosperous nation on the earth. The notion that our nation can only operate based on the “Trickle Down Economic Theory” is incorrect. President Reagan’s Economic Advisor- David Stockman, regrets what he did and has wrote speeches and books about his miss-direction with the notion that you have to make the privileged few so wealthy that they will trickle down the excess to the masses. You are not subordinate to the wealthy. You are equal and you deserve to demand what you want without the wealthy getting their portion first and the rest of us fighting over the scraps. I am also not sure if I feel comfortable with corporations profiting over the infortunes of the ill, diseased, or injured. Is it true that you will deny Medicare when you retire? I have found nobody that is retired and is unhappy with Medicare other than they would like better benefits.


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